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Google uses Valentine's Day Doodle to raise awareness of endangered pangolins

Google's Valentine's Day Doodle took almost a year to develop.                  Richard Nieva  CNET Google's Valentine's Day Doodle took almost a year to develop. Richard Nieva CNET
Dinis Gusmão | 16 Fevereiro, 2017, 00:13

Google is hoping to raise awareness for the endangered pangolin this Valentine's Day. If only it were available all year round.

Pangolins are the only scaly mammals on this planet and are also the most trafficked ones.

First, your little rolling pangolin will travel to Ghana to meet a friend who "teaches the fine art of making chocolate cake", Thompson wrote.

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The game tells a story of two pangolins that are in love, live on opposite sides of the world, and have been writing love letters to each other.

It's so simple that it's actually kind of hard. As you roll, just like in Sonic, you collect the beans, music notes, and flowers. Also, pro-tip, you can use the the turtle shells as trampolines to get some velocity.

But don't despair. Conservationists say there is still time to save the pangolin.

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"Pangolins are the most-trafficked mammals in the world, in high demand by consumers for their meat and their unique scales", the WWF said. The outline of the game is to bring these two lovers together by completing a set of activities, which is in the hands of the player. In September, however, worldwide trading of the species was fully banned, and just three months later, China seized its largest haul ever of pangolin scales, at 3.1 tons, in Shanghai.

As you probably know by now, Google has a tradition of changing the Google logo for various events, holidays, and birthdays.

All eight pangolin species are now threatened with extinction, according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

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Because if you're going to celebrate Valentine's Day alone, playing video games (don't judge) you can still feel good about helping some wildlife in the process.

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