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Senate hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch to begin March 20

Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Date Set Nominee a danger to democracy
Dinis Gusmão | 17 Fevereiro, 2017, 00:12

"It's time for him to have the opportunity to speak for himself before the Judiciary Committee", Grassley said. "He's displayed independence", Grassley said in a statement. The judge recently submitted a 68-page response to the committee's questionnaire for judicial nominees, and provided financial disclosures.

If confirmed by the Republican-controlled committee, Gorsuch's nomination will go to the full Senate. The Court's term ends in late June.

In a statement released today, Grassley said opening statements by Judiciary Committee members and the nominee will be made on the first day.

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Gorsuch claims that judges should interpret the words of the Constitution at the time they were written.

Gorsuch, who has served as a federal appeals court judge for the last decade, "has met every demand placed on him by the minority", the panel's chairman Senator Chuck Grassley said, referring to Democratic calls for the nominee to be an independent jurist.

A number of Senate Democrats have promised to use all available means by which to block the nomination. Now 60 votes are needed to stop a filibuster. Republicans now hold 52 seats in the chamber.

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"During the 2016 campaign, far right groups, who have worked to undermine the rights of workers, presented an edict to then-candidate Donald Trump: commit to nominating a justice from our approved list in exchange for our support".

It is not unusual for lawmakers to vote in favor of ending filibusters while voting against a nominee on a floor vote.

Some Democrats have threatened to filibuster the nomination, and Republicans issued a counter threat to change Senate rules to allow confirmation by a simple majority.

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